OPtard challenges me to a debate and loses badly. Tires to claim Gear 5th Luffy is Star level+

How Strong is Luffy? DEBUNKED

Yep, some OPtard challenges me to a debate and gets rekted badly in the debate and gets so butthurt he blocks me mid-debate.

The faggot known as Seyil came here a few days on WordPress talking all kinds of shit thinking he can take me in a debate. Let’s all point and laugh at this retard at his expense.

I talked to him about Current Luffy in which i replied with this.

I scale him at least Multi Continental in base since Kaido is at least that level currently in base,  around Multi Continental High end in Gear 4th since i did a whole journal where Luffy and the Amdrinals would be High Multi Continental if we take Kizaru’s feat and Whitebeards Marineford feat and i think on twitter i calced his Gear 5th if it moved at LS to do about small planets worth of damage.  Speed wise i say post-Kaido fight he’s at bare minimum Sub Relastivc in base,  Relativistic + in gear 4th with Observation Haki giving him LS/Low FTL reaction speed as stated by Rayleigh and  Possibly FTL by powerscaling to Kaido if you think Kaido surpasses even Kizaru in power.

And then he replied with this garbage, where do i even begin?

“3- Dressrosa : – Luffy in base bent don chinjao’s head While using Gear 3 , which is a feat relative to splitting a continent – Now Let’s LowBall And Say it’s Only Large country Level : – Base G3 Luffy = 760 Teratons – G2 = 2500x Multiplier – 760 x 2437.5 = 1.852.500 Teratons – 1.852.500 = 1.852 Petatons of TNT”


Uhh no, CHijano was far weaker in  Dressrosa than in his prime, nice try there faggot. 


Also Luffy needed Gear 3rd to beat a MUCH weaker Chiajno 



Prime CHijano  would be equal to someone like Katakurii, someone he needed Gear 4th to beat, this is a terrible and laughable attempt to wank which is baseline Multi Continental

Luffy’s strongest attack the King Kong  Gun which i  calced at around 8 Petatons of  TNT

Also Kaido who out scales Gear 4th Luffy one shotted Gear 4th Luffy who should be a silmar power difference between Prime Garp and Prime Chijano.


So your math already fails heavily when Luffy needs Gear 4th just to reach Continental.




Also Gear Second only increases speed and power by 10 times base, so the 500 times muptiler doesn’t work here, it’s headcanon bullshit not backed by anything close to an actual argument.  If  Luffy was 500 times stronger or faster than base, he would’ve effortlessly stomped the CP9 with an attack.

We can further debunk this narrative by the fact Nightmare Luffy far exceeds  Thrid Gear which  Thrid Gear is stronger than Gear  2nd Luffy and the mupilters for Nightmare is ONLY  100-1,000 times base power.

Luffy combining with Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd  was able to equal a weakened and fatigued Moriah which is still not about a 1,000 times amp in power.

  So going by narrative and muptilers.  Gear  2nd  put Luffy above  Lucci who’s  5 times stronger than  Fukrurku so  Gear  2nd was a   5-10 times muptiler Nothing you present proves that there’s a  500 times muptiler between Gear  2nd and  Base.

Gear  3rd was a further 10 times amp  as he almost one shots  Lucci who can keep up with Gear 2nd Luffy in Zoan form, for one to one shot an opponent , one has to be over 7.5 times stronger than the opponent they’re fighting.

  Gear  4th  is a muptiler of 10 times with a 3 times further amp due to the nature of the power. It would be  3 times stronger than  Armament Haki, Gear 2nd and gear 3rd combined making him somewhere between 30 to 40 times stronger than Gear 3rd  Luffy.  So in short the muptilers of each form would be 10 times above the previous form, with Gear 4th being a 30-40 times amp. That’s at best a 4,000 times muptiler from base.    Gear 3rd decreases speed as well.

“- Gear 4 multiplies luffy’s combat power ( Speed And Strength) Several Times beyond It’s limit ( it’s ” Manyfolds ” In the raw kanji but since we’re lowballing we gonna keep it several times ) – Several Times = 3 Or More – We will Midball And say It’s Only 4x Multiplier Of G2 – 1852.5 x 4 = 7.410 Petatons – 7.410 Petatons = 7.41 Extatons Of TNT ( Multi Continent Level ) “

Luffy in the Exatons would imply he can beat the Admirals or Whitebeard in Marineford.

Thanks to Kaido, we know it won’t happen, period.  He needed Gear  5th to beat Kaido who’s a relative in power to the Adrmials so i highly doubt Luffy would’ve beaten Kaido in Gear 4th.

Kizaru’s maximum power is around Mutil Contential+, even if you Highball the hell out of Armament Haki,   Kizaru and the Adrimals would only be Moon Level+  at best. That is NOWHERE NEAR THE POWER  TO DESTROY THE PLANET.

The only way One Piece is planet level is they can  shake the literal planet and cause damage that can potentially destroy the entire planet

“4- Wci : – Toward To the end of the battle between katakuri and Luffy , Kata acknowledged Luffy’s strength And Declared That Base Form Luffy Was Now Equal To him , Despite Him low diffing G4 Luffy At the beginning of the battle , This Means : – Dressrosa G4 = Wci Base – Dressrosa G4 Ap = 7.41 Extatons – G2 = 2437.5x Multiplier base – G4 = 4x Of g2 – 2437.5 x 4 = 9750 – 7.6 x 9750 = 74100 Extatons – 74100 Exta = 74.1 Zettatons ( Base Luffy Btw)”

Literally no character has shown Zettatons feats in One piece, the fuck you going with this bullshit headcanon argument.

Even my highest ball calcs have Whitebeard at around  Low  Exatons of power which is just barely close to Moon level and the theoretical power level i have for Whitebeard is just at Moon level+.  You OPtards massively wank  muptilers and it doesn’t get you close to Planet level.



His low diffing  Gear 4th  isn’t the same as Kaido’s no diffing gear 4th.  Let’s pretend that Base Luffy is Mutil Conttiential( He isn’t at all and I’ll prove why), let’s say he equals Chijano’s continental feat in base( which he also doesn’t  BTW) for him to get up to Planet level power, Gear 4th would need to increase Luffy’s base power by   11,400,000 times his base power.   We know for sure it’s nowhere close to that level

 “And here you go base wci is planetary+ , but im gonna keep doing the multipliers until end of wano – G4 = 9750 x 74.1 – Wci G4 Ap = 722475 Zettatons – 722475 Zettatons = 722,475 Yottatons”

LOL the level of wank to abuse calc stacking to this degree is beyond comical here.

So even if we blatantly wank  Luffy and say his base power punches are twice as strong as the punches he used against Dolfamingo,  at  4,000 times the strength of  Gear  4th Dressora Luffy, Gear 4th Luffy would only be about   32 Exatons of TNT  which is baseline Moon Level.  Even if we massively wanked  Gear  5th to 1,000 times Gear 4th level, Gear 5th would still be below Planet level.  Large Planet level base Kiado?Don’t make me laugh.  Kaido is at best equal to Mairneford Whitebeard and lemme tell you, THAT’S NOWHERE NEAR PLANET LEVEL.

“ 5- Wano : – Base Kaido Blitzed And One Shoted Gear 4 Luffy – one shotting = 7.5 Multiplier atleast – Base Kaido = 722 ,475 x 7.5 – Base Kaido = 5418562,5 Yottatons – Base Kaido = 5.418 Ninatons – “

  Again inventing alot of headcanon faggot,  even with the most absurd of wank, Luffy would be NOWHERE CLOSE TO  LARGE PLANET LEVEL.

“Later , Base Luffy Was Able To overwhelm Kaido And Damage him and even go on par with him so that’s make – base luffy= base kaido – “

Who isn’t planet level in the slightest, try again faggot.

“We all know that lucci said that Normal zoans multiply Your power”

And? That’s entirely rrirleveant as no one in One Piece has shown anything close to Planet-level feats.

“ but since kaido has a mythical zone it could give 4x multiplier atleast in the hybrid form”

 Based on headcanon and no hard evidence for your clams.

X Drake is also a Mythica Zoan and yet he barely faired any better against a Pasfcita than Luffy did Pre Skip

 – Base Luffy Was Able to fight kaido and Damage Him And Go on par with him so that’s make : – Hybrid Kaido = 5.418 x 4 – Hybrid Kaido = 21.674 Ninatons – Hybrid Kaido = Base Luffy – So As Usual we gonna do the new gears Multiplier – G4 = Base Ap x 9750 – G4 = 21.674 x 9750 – G4 = 211,321 Tenatons ( Star level+ )


BTW this is what we call Calcstacking when you intentionally power scale from a feat that’s not sustained by actual feats and contradicted by other feats.  Calcstacking is not a  reliable way of calling the strength of characters unless there’s a consistent pattern of feats putting characters on a higher level.  

There are ZERO planetary feats in One Piece. Even the wanked  Chijano feat is not even a true continental feat as he didn’t do more than crack a few dozen meters across an entire continental making the fissure much more shallow than what’s expected within a continental feat. 

The calc stacking here is especially shit and relies on blatant wank and blatant dishonesty as well as trying to argue from ignorance of the powerscaling and muptilers within One Piece.  For Gear Fouth to make one  Star level( which is a laugh) from a baseline Continental power level, you would need a muptiler of over 1.716100204087794e+17   times base power or over 171.6  Quadrillion times the baseline for continental power.

This is beyond asinine and retarded to claim  Luffy is Star level when NO One Piece character can destroy the surface of the planet.

Naruto for example has plenty of planetary and outright planet-level feats and statements so you can get away with calc stacking say the Shinobi Alliance and KCM2 Naruto scaling to Kumokagura’s moon-busting canon and using the consistent planetary AP from just Kurama and the Bjuus alone with that of the Juubis power.

What you can’t do is claim Raikage can fight Bjuu therefore he scales to 100% Kurama because he’s “Bjuu level” which is just being blatantly dishonest and disingenuous

Even in Bleach which lacks impressive feats overall to even One Piece, you have Yamamoto and Yhwach who scale to another who can potentially desotry the world ith Yamamoto’s visible Planetary Bankai showings and Yhwach was repeatedly shown planetary levels of reality warping.


Luffy has shown within seires comes nowhere remotely close to Muitl Contential by his own feats.  Him smacking Kaido into an underwater volcano eruption is considered impressive by One Piece verse standards.

It’s actually dumber than even Bleachtards claiming somehow Mountain busting equals Universe busting.

Yeah, this faggot then goes to claim the One Piece verse is bigger than Earth, a heavily discredited fan theory that lacks any kind of edivence can easily be debunked by a simple google search for the One Piece Moon. The scan you see above is from the Eneeru Side Stories which is canon to One Piece which are cover stories that show canon events within the manga at the start of One Piece chapters. Notice there are no 5 other moons shown, just the one shown here.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of how One Piece isn’t even planetary and the planet size myth being debunked with a basic google search. the faggot doubles down with that one panel from an anime.

If there are 6 moons, why aren’t the other 5 moons present in the night sky? This alone debunks any attempt to claim 6 moons in the One Piece verse when there are NO other moons present within the sky.

Also more moons=/= larger than Earth. After Mars has Two moons and it’s smaller than Earth and Pluto which is not even a planet anymore has 5 Moons which is almost as many moons as what OPtards claim the OP earth has and neither planet is denser than Earth in gravity either.

Here is another example that debunks the 6 moons in one piece. He tries to deadass argue one scene from a flashback as an arugment of 6 moons within One Piece, yet the Eneeru side story which is canon to the manga debunks his arugment.

He then goes for the laughable claim that One Piece has 20 Million Islands hence it has to be bigger than Earth, ignoring Earth has 7 continents and One Piece only has one Super Continent which alone debunks the argument

 So your only claim of   One Piece being a bigger planet than earth is the claim that it has Millions of islands therefore it has to be bigger than a planet, what a laughable faggot claim.   First of all, using one statement with no edivence and no supportive feats is pure hyperbole.

It would be like taking the word of an amesneice toddler seriously regarding the size of Las Noches when every evidence and visual reference completely contradicts the size of Las Noches being anything bigger than a city-sized fortress.

Or claiming that Mount Myabuoko taking a month to travel would make Naruto the size of the sun because it takes Shinobi 3 days to cross Contitential size distances from another.

More importantly, 10-20 million islands aren’t that impressive in size.    One Piece Islands for starters aren’t that big, to begin with


Another thing OPtards ignore is that yes there are 400,000 islands here in our world but there are also over 7 Contittentis in our world.   If you divide each of the continents on our planet which are 148,000,000 square kilometers in the area into islands around 14.8  Sqaure Kilometers, that’s 10 million islands right there from the getgo.   The planet’s surface area is a whopping  540 Million Sqaure Kilometers.     Even if you divide every continent on the planet to make  10 million islands, that’s still not even 1/4th the surface area of the planet.  This alone debunks any claim of  One Piece being bigger than earth. 


Most of the One Peice Islands are barely past one Sqaure Kilometer in size

And most of the visible islands in the world are only the size of normal countries with only one contitent in the verse shown to stretch across the planet which might be comparable to the size of  Russia or North and South America

Size of the Red Line

OP Earth:  391px( 12,750 km)

Continent  width:47px (1, 532km)

Contitent Length: 382px(12,444km  )x3.14=39,074.16 km

 Area of the Red Line:59,861,613.12 square Kilometers

So Redline is a massive continent that is bigger than  Asia and bigger than Europe and Africa combined which is a massive continent however compared to the total land area of our Earth, only   40% of the total land area within our world.   

We have other landmasses within the ocean which can be large country-sized, let’s review them.

 Possible large country-sized islands 

Island Length:  86px(2,804 km)

Island Width:  56px(1,825.8 km)

Island Area: 5,119,712.7441

Number of Islands:15

Total Large Island mass:76,795,691.16 km

Another pitiful attempt to  wank One Piece to be bigger than it is is the mistranslated  “150km distance” of Fishman island, which rivals the Las Noches country-sized wank.  I already debunked this as if the  Island was truly 150km wide, the ocean would be over 150 km deep and the island wouldn’t need to dive in by submarines, the lack of Logic of OPtards is immense.


Fish-man Island is an underwater island that dwells 10,000 meters below sea level in a giant hole that goes under the Red Line at the bottom of a deep trench. The island resides in a giant double-layered bubble floating above the sea floor, seemingly filled with about half water and reef and half air. Ryugu Palace rests in a smaller bubble on top of the main island’s bubble. It is illuminated by the Sunlight Tree Eve. It serves as an underwater gateway to the New World for those who do not wish to cross over the Red Line above.


Noah alone debunks  Fishman island being over  150km wide, it’s half the size of Fishman Island


Noah  is shown to be  roughly  2,500 meters wide or around 2.5 km wide  to put that into perspective, Noah would  dwarf the size  of Lower Manhattan and its height would dwarf even the Empire State building and world trade center, it would easily be the size of a small mountain 


This can be backed by multiple scans of the island shown to be  twice the size of the ship

The Sea kings are so large they individually rival or dwarf the size of the ship.



We know mega-sized Sea kings’ heads are at least large enough to be small mountains on other islands and by lore, the super-sized Sea Kings can devour entire Islands within One Piece, which further backs the fact that most of One Piece’s Islands are smaller than 14.8 square kilometers or about  3.8 kilometers in diameter on average.  

To put this into perspective,  Kurama at his prime would easily be as tall as a fairly large mountain when he fought the Hashriama Buddha statue fused with Madara’s Prefect Sunasoo.

Which in itself already dwarfs mountains, to begin with.

This further backs the claims from me that most of  One Pieces Islands aren’t nearly as big as what fantards wank them to be if Mega-sized Sea Kings can destroy 99% of the surface of One Peice, then the vast majority of the islands within the One Piece verse aren’t even 3km in size.

Especially when a  sea king’s skull alone which even the smallest of sea kings would easily only be about 1/4th the size of their bodies.



It also makes no logical sense a perfect sphere below a continental plate would be  MUCH wider than it is in height.  Even in a world like One piece when physics is loosely applied, it would make no sense for Fishman Island to be wider than the confrimed 5,000-meter hole it’s in between the Red Line.


We know the Red Line continent is a contitent that exists that is taller than any mountain within our world and it’s impossible to get t the contitent without singing the Red Port otherwise you have to climb a height even taller than Mount Everest to get into the island.


Hell May Gerosis, the capital of the world government and nobility is ltierally shown to be above the clouds.  The limit of even the tallest and highest clouds of the troposphere would be 11km in height this alone debunks Any claim that the planet is bigger than our earth.

For  Fishman  Island to be 150km in diameter, not only would it be visible from the surface of the earth when it’s proven the oceans of One Peice all peak at 10,000 meters depth as there’s only one continent on the entire planet meaning each of the oceans would have a maximum depth of  10,000 meters.

For Fishman Island to be 150 km in diameter, it would not only dwarf the depth of the ocean but would be going into space itself.  Given that’s not the case, we can easily debunk that argument.

Noah instead of being larger than a small city would be almost 10 times bigger than Mount Everest.

And  Fishman Island would be larger than  the state of Israel  which yeah

Do you really think THIS island

Compares to this country in size?

Contrast this with Konoha which is a large chunk of a whole planet in terms of size.

 If you want to argue the dome height is much smaller than then the length and width then you have to somehow convince me that it somehow makes a perfect sphere when the Height is smaller than the Length and Width of the dome which is deeply contradicted by how it looks.

Now that we got some concrete scaling, we can use the sea kings’ heads as an average ofr most of the  “20 Million Islands” within One Piece.

Noah  ship size : 430 px( 2,500 meters)

Sea King’s Head Diameter:280px(1,628 meters)

Given lore wise Sea Kings are stated to swallow most islands, this would mean most islands would be smaller than 1.6 Km in size if a super big Sea King can devour the entire island.  This is consistent with the fact the skulls of the Sea Kings on Little green, one of the larger islands with a small Volancio range can fit on it. For the sea kings to swallow entire islands in one bite, they need to be not only comparable to the size of the island diameter wise but the island has to be 1.6km wide or smaller.

So given most islands in the Equatiroail belt are below  1.6 Kilometers,  10-20 million of them would at best give the total estimated islands a combined tidal of between 16 Million Sqaure Kilometers and 32 Million Sqaure Kilometers. Combined this with the 76,795,691.16 square kilometers within the 15  small contitent sized islands we scaled on the maps and the Red  Line being 59,861,613.12  Sqaure Kilometers, the total combined land area of One Piece would be 152.656  Million Sqaure Kilometers in total land area, just slightly more land area than our Earth,  that’s  Nowhere near the  540 Sqaure Kilometers of land area within our Earth.

He of course continues to double down on his failed narrative of the 6 moons which again doesn’t prove the planet itself is bigger than Earth as planets smaller than Earth have more moons than Earth.

So given most islands in the Equatiroail belt are below  1.6 Kilometers,  10-20 million of them would at best give the total estimated islands a combined tidal of between 16 Million Sqaure Kilometers and 32 Million Sqaure Kilometers. Combined this with the 76,795,691.16 square kilometers within the 15  small contitent sized islands we scaled on the maps and the Red  Line being 59,861,613.12  Sqaure Kilometers, the total combined land area of One Piece would be 152.656  Million Sqaure Kilometers in total land area, just slightly more land area than our Earth,  that’s  Nowhere near the  540 Sqaure Kilometers of land area within our Earth.

Another laughable claim for wank  is  Long Ring Long Island being somehow own against me from this retard is him sharing this scan like it’s an own somehow.  

I already calced that island’s size using the One Peice fan map which shows the island in size and scale to itself so might as well dig it up.

To first determine the scale of AKoji’s power we must determine how big Long Ring Island actually is compared to the world map of One Piece. We’re using the same size and scale of our world as that of the One Piece world unless Echirdrio Oda confirms the One Piece world to be much larger than our world.

Sadly it’s hard to find the island Long Ring Island within the official one Piece map

 so we’re going to need to improvise with this fanmade recreation of the One Piece world map, it’s not the most in scale but it’s the closest thing we got to a point of reference. So let’s improvise.


Long Ring Long Ilsand by IreneBelserion69

Going by this map, Long Ring Long Island is right here on this vast One Piece world.  

Long Ring Long Ilsand 2 by IreneBelserion69

Going by the map, the island is roughly this distance to the Grandline.

Long Ring Long Ilsand 3 by IreneBelserion69

One Piece Earth:717px( 12,742 kilometres /7,918 mi).

The distance between LRLL and Grand Line Continent:49px(870 km/541 miles)

Long Ring Long Island Length:8px (142km/88.32km)

Going by One Piece Wiki, this size is about right given that One Piece Wiki states it’s a fairly large and long Island, hence the name.


The Long Ring Long Land is a chain of ten islands in a ring shape, with a path between the islands that surfaces once every year. Because the ten islands of the archipelago are actually linked as one giant island, an Eternal Pose cannot be used to get from one of the islands to another.

Carcole Island verus Long ring island by IreneBelserion69

Needless to say these Island chains are massive, if we were to compare to Fairy Tail’s Carcole Island, they’re far smaller in scale with the island barely at the width of the submerged width of the landbridges of Long Ring Long Island which is pretty much living up to its namesake of being a large Island.

Long Rinfg Long Island by IreneBelserion69

Needless to say, this Island is very long, over 10km of stretch land which would fit nicely with the scaling of the Island based on earlier measurements.

We’re going to go by two possibilities with Kuzan’s Ice Age since the angle of his freezing was.  Angle a is him freezing a small area to another island, the other is freezing the whole ring around the islands.

Long Ring Long Ilsand 4 by IreneBelserion69

Long Ring Long Island Length:722px  (142km/88.32km)

Long Ring Log Island Bay:448px(88km/54.76km)

Long Ring sumberged water edge lenght: 89px(17.48km/

Long Ring sumbmerged water edge Width:20px(3.92km/2.4 miles)

Long Ring Long Island length(Island archpefilo): 80px(15.7km/9.75 miles)

Long Ring Long Island Width:39px(7.65km/4.735 miles)

Number of Islands:10

Long Ring Long Island Area(each island):120.1 sq kmx10=1,201 sq km

Long Ring Long Island area(submerged):68.52 square kmx10=685.2 sq km

Overall size of Long Ring Long Island=1886.2 sq km

Size of Long Ring Long Island Bay:7744 sq km

In Short, the One Piece Islands wank is nothing more but just that, wank. Mere common sense,  pixel scaling, consistent showings, and feats can easily be debunking this laughable claim that the One Piece planet is bigger than earth.


Alabunra is stated to be around  5km in diameter as a Crocodiles bomb which is basically Nuke level would’ve killed everyone in the square. We even get a good screenshot of the city above so about the size so let’s estimate the size of Alabasta.


Alabasta  Length: 171px(427.5 km)

Alabasta Width:137px(342.5 km)

Alabasta Area:146,418.75 km^2

So yeah it’s big but it’s nowhere near proving the size of the planet being bigger than Earth, at around 427.5km, it’s just an average country size, nothing you’ve shown so far suggests the planet is bigger than Earth,   the country would be slightly larger than Takijsitan

A further debunk of  Sandosra River being   50km  wide is this statement, we know the san dunes are easily 300 meters high which makes them the size of small mountains.


We see closely a zoomed-in map of the island within the anime which shows mountain ranges along the river, the river while big isn’t as wide as the mountain ranges.

The river shown here in scale with Alabunra and the mountains isn’t much bigger than either the rivers or the mountains, which is a hard debunk of the claims it’s the size of Australia. Going by scaling, this debunks  Alabasta’s Sandaora’s river actually being around 50km in size.  

 If the  Sandsora river is just barely  23 px or just 1 px to Albuirna, 5km wide city,  at  1,229 px , the real size of Alabasta using the anime version of the map of the island would only be 256 km wide, even smaller than we called previously.

 Also, contrast  Australia and Alabasta in both manga and anime versions.  You can’t even see visible mountain ranges at all on Ausrtailla compared to Alabasta .


Whereas Tajikistan which is around the size of Alabasta has visible mountain ranges.  Asusrtataila is  54 times bigger than Takijsitan and hence 54 times bigger than  Alaabsta.

That’s hardly the only thing that debunks the narrative.

Chapter 180 kills this argument of the river being a whole 50km wide,  for one they slowly swan on top of a giant corpse of a sea king thanks to the kun fung seals, and only took them an hour within normal swimming speed.


Another debunk of One Piece  Alabasta being continent size, we got  Sandora river shown within the brief frame of the Alabuna which looks about half the size of the ciy, so yet another debunk

OPtards seriously want you to believe that this river has the same size as  the Bering Strait when this is   how Russia looks from there,    notice you can’t see  Russia at all from 50km away

Meanwhile, we literally see the shoreline of Sanaodra River, so RIP to that narrative.

RIP Australia-sized Aalabsta Argument



One Piece tards want to legit their planet is the size of the sun or bigger when in reality there’s  ZERO evidence of One Piece planet being that big.   Not only have i debunked Star-sized One Piece, but i also debunked Juptier-sized One Piece as well.

By this logic, Naruto’s Earth is much bigger than our earth because   Shinobi can cross countries the size of continents in 3 days.

Yet it takes a whole month to reach Mount Myoubuku.  If the distance between Sunkaguare and Konoha is around 3,000km and it takes 3 days to arrive there, going by the logic of OPtards, the Naruto Earth is a  whopping 90,000 km wide because there are three Sage areas that take a month to cross, well we can further wank the distance if we factor that average Shinobi are at least sound speed and to cross from one part of the world to another in a month,  meaning the Naruto Earth is  889,056 km in diameter, yeah sounds absolutely retarded but is what OPtards legit believe.

Another argument OPtards try to use regarding Alabasta is the fact that the cloud height is FAR greater than our planet here however this can easily be contradicted as well.

Cloud Height in OP is consistently shown to be like our planet as the Red port in chapter 905 is the only way proven to get to the 10km high Red Line Contitent, this cloud argument is instantly debunked by the fact that clouds are smaller than 10km high within the OPverse.  Again what is more consistent here,  a one poorly drawn panel that doesn’t consistently show the island’s size or a consistent showing of how clouds behave like real-life clouds?

But let’s assume   One Piece Planet is like a gazillion times star sized, It’s Irreveralnt because NOT A SINGLE CHARACTER IS REMOTELY CLOSE TO PLANET LEVEL LET ALONE DESTROYING THE OP EARTH.

Smashing continents is considered impressive within the One Piece verse which is just laughable to think it compares to anything close to planet level.

Let’s be real you tards are wanking Luffy so he can stand any chance against Naruto or Ichigo which simply won’t happen/

{“” You don’t even know what’s the diff between ap and dc and you’re acting like a power scaler with you shity ass arguments “


Bro stay mad Sakura one-shots, anyone, in the One Piece verse. Literally, she has more impressive AP and DC scaling than anything in One Piece, feel free to check out my respect thread for her faggot.

  AP wise Naruto one shots  Luffy with a single punch in base.

“ you got debunked terribly and you’re trying to save yourself by assuming that if oda didn’t draw the other moons that means there’s no other moons”

You haven’t debunked shit faggot, you made yourself look like a dishonest faggot, and everyone is laughing at you

“ + you also claimg that cover story > manga panels “

  They are when there’s only one panel out of a 1050+ chapter manga that you have evidence of a single globe that hasn’t been confrimed to have any moons besides the one we see.





Also I guess all the night scenes in one piece that have only one moon also don’t count either.   Using a side story is all i really need to debunk you instantly and you are assmad your narrative doesn’t work.

“ the only thing you did is disagreeing and not proving “

Probably because your faggot ass blocked me before i can deliver actual counterarguments to your narrative and your narrative is so retarded, i can’t take it seriously.

“i bet you’re another deadass who thinks that disagreeing debunking + in conclusion you got debunked and you got 3 fallacies so basically”

So says the faggot who blocked me the moment i debuned the 6 moons shit, which BTW wouldn’t prove One Piece is bigger than earth unless you think Pluto is bigger than Earth for having 5 moons.

“You don’t even know what’s the diff between ap and dc and you’re acting like a power scaler with you shity ass arguments”

>Claims i can’t power scale

>Runs away like a bitch when presented facts against his Star level Luffy Wank

Stay mad  Luffy is nowhere near Planet level faggot.  Ichigo neg diffs Luffy TYBW arc, Luffy is weak against swords,  KCM2 Naruto neg diffs Luffy as well.  How does it feel to be the weakest of the HST verses?

Also, AP/DC  scaling still requires feats, something Luffy lacks. Even if we severely highballed Luffy to Prime Whitebeard level and we assume my calc of Prime Whitebeard being Large Planet level is remotely true.

Congratulations, he’s still weaker than TYBW Arc Ichigo, Aizen, and Yhwach.  He’s still below  Juubioto in power as well and not touching anyone named Madara or Hashirama in power either.

The fact the Redline can’t be destroyed by even Whitebeard’s power further debunks planetary/planet level One Piece characters. If they can’t even destroy a continental mass like that,  the claim they’re Planet level or higher is just clown world faggot shit.

Ichigo might have shit AP compared to Naruto but he’s still above anything Luffy can scale to merely scaling to Yhwach who can shake/s destroy 3 worlds.

Show me Luffy doing this


Or this




Or fighting characters who can do this


Or this






Or this 

And then maybe we can talk about planet-level Luffy.

As it stands  Muguestu Ichigo,  Aizen, Kenpachi, Yamamoto, and Adult Hitsugaya can each solo One Piece and   Naruto in KCM2 , War Arc Sakura, and EMS Sasuke can solo One Piece, hell Tobirama neg diffs the entire verse alone.


Hell Hinata and Ohrime could potentially solo the verse.   Orihime can block Yhwach’s attacks and Yhwach>>>>>Literally any OP character

And Hinata can literally destroy the Tesigan, a planetary power source that can destroy an entire planet.  Her attacks ignore durability and can hit even Logias so she negs diffs One Piece,

Naruto still solos One Piece

Bleach still solos One Piece

Fairy Tail solos One Piece

DBZ solos everyone  listed here

Face it One Piece is the weakest of the  HST.  It’s so weak,  Kami from Dragonball can solo the verse as well as 23rd Budokai Goku and Piccolo Jr.  Even if we  wanked One Piece to Whitebeard prime level,  he gets neg diffed by  Pre Z Adult Goku.

Meanwhile, Ichigo Yhwach is at least Fireza saga level with his peak feats.

Naruto is Between Cell Saga and Buu Saga levels of power.

And  Fairy Tail is bare minimum Buu Saga levels and might be approaching  Super levels of OP.

Ichigo and his verus pales in comparison to anything in Boruto but it’s a million times more likely Ichigo can match Baryon Mode Naruto than Luffy matching either.

“not talking about how i gonna make fun of your shity ass debate skills in tiktok and instagram +”

Like i  give a fuck what faggots like you have to say, go suck dick on tittok zoomer faggot.  Tititok is a trash site for low-IQ retards like yourself,  fucktards like you belong on Titok. Not a single one of you Zoomer faggots has any balls whatsoever and is everything wrong with society nowadays.

“if you still disagree with any of those scales you can debate Zangetsuヽ(ー_ー)ノ#8804”

Tell him to bring it, I take it the faggot wanks Bleach too.

Did a whole debunk of Bleach Wank so i be glad to school OPtards and Bleachtards on their own manga they conviventialy ignore when it goes against their agenda?

“ cuz i got those scales from him and I don’t recommend you to debate him cuz you will get dogwalked even more than now”

By dog walked you mean you running away and blocking me like a bitch on both WordPress and  Discord? Yeah, real victory there bro,  proving to me how much of a faggot you are.

“ Also if you want to talk about speed you can get luffy to mftl+ with 3d2y scale and gear multiplier +”

 I already debunked you clowns on FTl One Piece. 

All i have to say to that is that Kizaru bltized Whitebeard and  Whitebeard=Kaido>Luffy without Gear 5th. Try again faggot.

I can wank Naruto to immeasurable by your logic because Haku is lightspeed and Hokage Naruto is immeasurably faster than Land of Waves Naruto or argue that SS Arc Bankai Ichigo is MFTL because Vice Captains “Dodged light”,  wank is not feats, its pitful desperate excuses for a lack of actual feats.  

“ you gonna be a content in tiktok and ig you dumbass bitch nigga ugly ass”

I look forward to seeing more salt from faggots like you.   If this is your idea of an intelligent debate, then maybe i should start  fucking with you OPtards even more, you’re even more hilarious to  fuck with than Bleachtards and lord knows their fanbase is full of retards.

And  like the faggot he is, he blocked me  and spammed insults like the typical OPtard faggot he is.  Guess he can’t handle the truth that  his verse can be no diffed by  any Top Tier in Naruto or Bleach.

I kindly look forward to your butthurt Seyil. I also plan to tackle more cringe from the  Ideashock    crowd including ripping apart his insanely shit videos because it seems to make all the OPfags ass mad that i can easily counter the immense wank of the verse.

Lesson learned, don’t fuck with me because i will destroy your ass in a debate and you will run like a bitch. I gladly await any faggot fanboy be it Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, or anyone who tries to lie to my face about a manga i spent the last decade reading.

And  like the faggot he is, he blocked me and spammed insults like the typical OPtard faggot he is.  Guess he can’t handle the truth that his verse can be no diffed by  any Top Tier in Naruto or Bleach.

I kindly look forward to your butthurt Seyil. I also plan to tackle more cringe from the  Ideashock crowd including ripping apart his insanely shit videos because it seems to make all the OPfags ass mad that i can easily counter the immense wank of the verse.

5 thoughts on “OPtard challenges me to a debate and loses badly. Tires to claim Gear 5th Luffy is Star level+

  1. ESCK Arc Natsu can literally cause planet sized realms to fuse together

    Misaki can ltierally create dimensions bigger than entire planets

    and is FAR above the Celestial Sprti King who can make a Multi Solar System to Univerisal sized Dimmeison within his body.

    Which ESCK Arc Natsu can destroy.

    Who also in the same arc offset the 12 Realms

    Each confrimed to beat Earth-sized and having suns within them.’

    The casual energy of the celestial spirits is able to affect the climate of the entire planet.


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